Oaktree Foundation

As we brag about achieving major economic developments, we should do so remembering that a lot still needs to be done to eradicate poverty and illiteracy in all parts of the world. Yes, that is to say that the West should not thrive at the expense of other countries that are deeply rooted in poverty and hunger.

A section of Australians aged below 26 years seem to have heard the cries of the less privileged people across the world who are mostly children and women. Oaktree Foundation is an establishment that seeks to eradicate poverty and hunger being faced by these group of people through education.

The problem with humanity is that we are very comfortable when the wailing is not originating from the next door or in the neighbourhood. We seem to think that as long as you only hear about it in the news, it makes it okay. These young Australians have come up to show the rest of us that we cannot afford to do nothing about the suffering populations of the world.

Oaktree is a non-governmental organization that was created back in 2002 and aims at providing community and political support for the eradication of poverty in Asia Pacific. Oaktree does not only build sustainable communities, but it also partners with those communities to provide aid and developments to the impoverished countries.

The founders of Oaktree, Hugh Evans and Nicholas Mackay, discovered while working in rural South Africa that by bringing opportunity and a sense of hope to the locals, they will be able to eradicate poverty and improve the literacy levels of the young generations there. This discovery propelled the duo to establish Oaktree, which was to be primarily used to steer economic and social developments through education.

The duo went around Melbourne to mobilize people on the need to reach out to the underprivileged across the world. So from cafes, schools, church halls, and people’s living rooms Oaktree was able to gunner enough support to kick-start its pioneering operations in South Africa. Their first partnership with the South African Sethani organization saw the construction of a community resource centre capable of housing about 750 orphans.

Similar projects have since been replicated in other parts of the world with the foundation currently enjoying a member population of over 100,000 people. The foundation was later fully incorporated in the year 2008. Oaktree is run by young Australians who are aged between 16 and 26 years with the assistance of an advisory board.

The foundation’s activities are not limited to African and Asian countries alone as it is currently actively engaged in the education and training of Australians on the need for advocacy in poverty-stricken regions of the world. The Foundation is Australia’s largest youth-run foundation and it has become a source of pride for many Australians.

It is because of organizations such as Oaktree that we can duly address the issue of poverty and hunger across the world. There is really no point of displaying your achievements while other people are struggling to make ends meet. Empowering the young people through education, as it has been demonstrated by this Australian Foundation, is the best way of addressing the issues that affect the world.